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Theo Baker

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Theo’s passion is understanding how businesses can address the climate crisis. Coming to Canopy from the corporate sector, he has a proven track record transforming great ideas into realities through launching, incubating, and managing game-changing brands across multiple sectors. Whilst focused primarily on the growth start-up space, he also has considerable advisory experience working with corporate, governmental, and third sector organizations.

More about me

Having graduated in Anthropology from the University of Durham (UK), I began my career in the world of start-ups, where I advised and created brands across multiple sectors including tech and luxury goods. During this time, I came to appreciate just how powerful businesses and brands can be as a force for good in the world, and my passion became centered on how brands can be vehicles for creating positive social and environmental impact.

My work led me into many exciting areas across very different parts of the world, and I am very excited to now be a part of the Canopy team to leverage internationally the power of brands as catalysts of change and sustainability.

Why forests are important to me

I grew up playing in forests and they have always had a special resonance for me. As I have learned more about them and the irreplaceable role they play in sustaining everything on Earth, I feel it is my and everyone’s duty to do all they can to protect them.

Why Canopy

Canopy combines a razor-sharp focus of its mission, with a fun, supportive, and high-achieving team culture. One of the incredible things about Canopy is how much impact it has made, punching well above its weight.

Ask me about

Starting and scaling businesses, turtle tagging in the Solomon Islands, British sitcoms, the importance of gratitude.

What ruffles my feathers

Self-righteousness and an unwillingness to listen and learn.