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Sylvan Korvus

IT Coordinator

Sylvan is an IT professional with more than twenty years’ experience in support, repair, and administration. He is an analytical problem solver who loves digging into a new challenge. After working with Canopy for many years as our contracted IT support, he has joined the team to focus on meeting Canopy’s technology needs. 

More about me 

I have loved working with computers and technology since I was a kid, using Apple IIs and Commodore 64s, programming in BASIC, taking apart old radios, and seeing the early personal computer revolution. I went on to work in theatre in lighting and sound during high-school, studied film in university, and then in the 90s started working in web design and development. Later I became a Macintosh repair technician, and finally an IT support consultant.  

I also have a deep love for the natural world, exploring our abundant woodlands in BC or finding hidden swimming spots, and learning about it from books and documentaries. In high-school I was part of our students’ peace and environmental club. In my life I try to live according to my values of simplicity, ethical treatment of animals, and living lightly on the Earth.  

Why Forests are Important to me 

On a personal level, I love the closeness with nature and how refreshing they can be. But forests are also where our Earth is most wild and safe for other species: when I think of a park or protected area, I envision woodlands. It has taken millions of years for Earth’s current biodiversity to develop, and protecting forests is one of the most essential ways of preserving that for future generations. 

Why Canopy 

It has been my privilege to work with Canopy as their IT support person since 2009. I have seen the organization grow from a small group of passionate Canopals, to a much larger team, with far-reaching campaigns and results. Protecting our environment has been a core value for me since my youth, and I am grateful to be able to help contribute to their work behind the scenes. Joining Canopy as part of the staff means I can focus entirely on supporting their goals. 

Canopy’s mission to protect the world’s forests resonates deeply with me and I am grateful to be able to contribute to something so meaningful and important in my work.  

Ask me about 

Good SciFi books, movies, and shows. Role-playing games. Mac tech-tips. And the importance of strong passwords! 

What ruffles my feathers 

Greed, waste, our collective indifference to our impact on the Earth, and our treatment of animals.