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Sophia Yang

Corporate Campaigner

Sophia is an award-winning climate justice change-maker by day, and a techno DJ and event organizer by night. She has worked for a dozen environmental organizations ranging from federal government agencies, ENGOs, to industry, and academia. She’s the Founder of Threading Change, a youth-led ethical fashion organization focused on addressing the systemic injustices and inequities that persist in the global fashion industry through creative events, convening unlikely allies, and initiating valuable industry and citizen connections. Sophia received the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Leadership Award in 2022, and Corporate Knights’ 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders in 2021.  

More about me

I grew up in a family full of oil and gas engineers in Northern China until I was 8 years old when my mom and dad immigrated to Calgary, Alberta. My upbringing as a child of immigrants working in a field that’s very different than what they envisioned for me, has taught me to always look at issues through an equitable and diverse lens. In 2019 after attending COP25, I found my calling to really zone in on the intersections between fashion and climate. Thus, I founded Threading Change to represent the youth voice on the fashion world stage, and I have now found myself home at Canopy.

Why are forests important to me

Forests are what inspired me to become an environmentalist. In 2006 when my grandparents came to visit my parents and me in Canada, my dad took us to almost every single national park in Alberta. That summer, I absolutely fell in love with the stories, abundance, and life that forest ecosystems are able to provide. In 2013, I made the decision to study Natural Resources Conservation in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, continuing my deep gratitude for forests through my studies.

Why Canopy

Right after university, I realized that I mainly did change-making through the lens of lobbying, boycotting, and hyper-focusing on the issue, rather than the solution. After I forayed into the world of entrepreneurship by launching Threading Change, I saw the immense power that being solutions-focused can bring. I love Canopy’s approach to change-making not only because of its impact but because of the collective action and momentum it builds. 

Ask me about

Techno and house music, the best thrift and vintage stores in Vancouver, the difference between wood bison and plains bison, and my love-hate relationship with burning man.

What ruffles my feathers 

Those who complain about an issue but don’t do anything to change it or make it better. What are you waiting for?!