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Shruti Singh

India Hub Strategist

Shruti Singh is the India Hub Coordinator for Canopy. She has over 14 years of experience working at the intersection of climate change, creative industry, and public policy.  

She has authored policy reports on reimagining the craft economy, craft in the age of climate crisis and gender equity and its impact on sustainability in cotton farming in India. She writes articles for leading publications such as Voice of Fashion, Elle, and The Good Loop. 

Shruti volunteers as the country coordinator at Fashion Revolution India, and is an advocate for social and environmental justice within the fashion industry. She advises Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in sustainable fashion sector to build impact strategy and implementation plans.

More about me 

Outside of work, I love supporting educational initiatives for climate action. I started and now support a grassroots social impact organization, Designing Futures (School of Active Citizenship), aimed at building climate literacy among young changemakers and assisting them in establishing careers in sustainability across various sectors. My favorite subject to teach is collaborative negotiation. 

Additionally, I advise MSMEs in slow fashion on building their impact and implementation strategy for creating responsible supply chains. 

Lesser-known fact about me – I used to design board games. 

Why forests are important to me 

I lived my early years amist nature in remote regions of North East India, surrounded by forests, rivers, and rich biodiversity. Even while living in cities, I have always felt a strong connection to nature. For me, forests represent wisdom and peace—a sanctuary where individuals can lose themselves and yet discover a deeper understanding of themselves. 

Why Canopy   

Canopy’s theory of change and approach to climate action involves building scalable high impact solutions with a focus on the reality of escalating climate crisis. I admire that Canopy finds creative solutions and works collaboratively with stakeholders across the industry. I want to contribute to scaling those solutions and creating tangible change in the industry.  

Ask me about  

Travelling tips for India, craft and slow fashion, board games, pets. 

What ruffles my feathers  

Any form of injustice or discrimination. 

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