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Rachel Arnason

Digital Specialist

Rachel categorizes herself as an impact-driven nature enthusiast with keen-eye for design and passion for ethical storytelling. At Canopy, her digital expertise aims to amplify impacts on the ground, mobilize citizen participation, increase brand awareness and drive corporate engagement.

More about me

As a former athlete I bring a strategic and determined energy to the Communications team to help reach our goals and further drive Canopy’s digital influence.

My studies in Social Psychology and career trajectory remains fueled by a desire to create deep-rooted systemic change for pressing social and economic issues, like defending human rights, fighting biodiversity loss, and conserving vital forest ecosystems. I am hopeful for a future where people and our environment are treated with dignity and respect to build resilience and thrive for generations to come.

Why are forests important to me

Forests are critical to all life on earth. They provide a host of benefits that stabilize our climate, provide food, shelter, water, economic stability, and medicine to billions of people, and are home to 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity. For me, being amongst the trees is where I feel most calm, grounded, and alive.

Why Canopy

I am inspired to be a part of a team that works diligently to respond to the world’s urgent environmental crisis and provide innovative solutions to mitigate climate change, halt forest degrading, and drive a pivotal shift in consumer culture towards a circular economy.

Ask me about

International travels, yoga and meditation practice, aspiring minimalism, houseplant motherhood, midcentury home design, nyc’s food scene, all things nature, and my newly adopted rescue pup, Sealy.

What ruffles my feather

Social injustices like income inequality, food insecurity, gender-based violence, environmental justice and excess consumerism.


rachel dot arnason at canopyplanet dot org or via LinkedIn