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Neva Murtha

Next Gen Issue Specialist

Over her 21-year tenure at Canopy, Neva has spearheaded Canopy’s transformative Next Generation Solutions Initiative and currently serves as their Next Gen Issue Specialist. Through collaborations with hundreds of major brands, including Stella McCartney and H&M, Neva has been instrumental in crafting visionary procurement policies that transform supply chains, accelerate the scale up of Next Gen fibres, and protect the world’s most vital forests. 

Her expertise is frequently sought in critical review panels, particularly for life cycle analyses comparing the sustainability of wood fibre with alternatives like agricultural residues. Neva also led the development of Canopy’s EcoPaper Database, the largest global compilation of recycled and Next Gen paper and packaging options with over 1,100 listings and used by over hundreds of brands annually to guide lower footprint procurement decisions. Neva’s journey at Canopy reflects her dedication to environmental innovation and her unwavering commitment to advancing forest conservation and sustainable material use.

More About Me

I have an honours degree in Fine Arts and Arts Administration. I have been with Canopy since 2002, first working with the Canadian magazine industry to help the major publishers develop leading procurement policies and use Ancient Forest Friendly paper. I now lead our Second Harvest Campaign growing markets for paper made with straw residues and also work with the North American print sector. Over the years I have authored articles in trade journals, been a judge for eco-awards, been one of the reviewers of the Kimberly Clark LCA on alternatives fibers, designed the Ecopaper database and The Paper Steps and I sit on the steering committee of the Environmental Paper Network.

Why Are Forests Important To Me

When I was in university, I had the opportunity to visit the old growth forests in Clayoquot Sound with my Dad who was a professor of forestry and remote sensing.  On the way to the west coast we drove by clear cuts and through second growth forests.  The impact seeing all this had on me just made it seem like common sense: there is a role for second growth but not at the expense of 8,000 year old growth.  We simply can’t replant forests like that. And I love the peace and stillness old forests evoke.

Why Canopy

I love the way Canopy collaborates through the supply chain on innovative solutions to build markets for smart alternatives.

Ask Me About

Ecopaper and straw paper

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