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Mike Hudema

Director, Impact Communications

Mike is a long time member of North America’s social and environmental justice movement and has worked in a variety of capacities to protect people and the planet. Mike is currently Canopy’s Communications Director helping to amplify and showcase the incredible work Canopy and it’s many partners embark on.


More about me:

I’ve spent most of my adult life pushing for social and ecological change in Canada and the United States. I have an education degree and a law degree from the University of Alberta and have been organizing in some capacity for the last 25 years. I’ve been ranked as the world’s top social media influencer for climate and energy related news, recognized by The Globe and Mail for my work, and I’m very excited to bring my skills to the amazing team at Canopy.


Why are forests important to me:

We are connected to forests from the very first breath we take. Some of my most memorable moments are walking in the giant redwood forests along the west coast, playing amongst the spruce in Jasper National Park, and fighting to keep trees standing all over the world. Our fates are very much connected and I feel that connection every day. 


Why Canopy?

Canopy focuses on solutions and has such a brilliant team of changemakers working to help businesses implement these solutions all over the planet to protect our collective future. With our climate clock ticking, solutions are exactly what our planet needs and I’m so glad to work at Canopy to help speed implementation. 


Ask about me:

Why is your dog so cute? What’s it like dangling from a bridge? What’s your favourite brunch recipe? When can we go for drinks?


What ruffles my feathers:

Injustice. To anyone. Anywhere.