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Lindsay Hughes

Senior Communications Strategist

Lindsay is a communications strategist based in Vancouver, who has worked for the past decade and a half contributing to high-profile campaigns to forward various international initiatives with a focus on climate and environmental justice. With a wealth of experience, an unwavering commitment to progress, and an eye for compelling content, Lindsay is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling and creating meaningful impact through her work.

More about me

With a profound love of the untamed, my journey has been shaped by my surroundings and my fondness for wild places. Growing up in Quebec, with the green mountains of Vermont and the rugged expanse of New York’s Adirondacks to the south, my formative years in Montreal have indelibly defined who I am today. While my immediate surroundings were idyllic, it was yet another proposed pipeline project cutting through my hometown that made me realize the pace of change was far from where we needed to be to address the climate crisis.

Why are forests important to me

Forests are undeniably one of the most profound sources of inspiration, woven deeply into the fabric of our very existence. Moreover, forests have seeped into our cultural consciousness, shaping language and folklore, carrying powerful allegorical messages about growth, transformation, and the balance between humanity and nature. In this way, forests are not only physical landscapes; they are living narratives that continue to shape our understanding of the world and our place within it.

Why Canopy

Canopy’s theory of change aligns with the urgency and ambition required in the coming decade. Rather than merely advocating for change and waiting for political or industry standards to catch up, Canopy proactively catalyzes transformation to dismantle archaic systems.

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