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Lee-Ann Unger

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Lee-Ann Unger has worked on a variety of environmental conservation initiatives over the past 20 years, primarily focused on forest conservation, including the ancient forests of Clayoquot Sound. In addition to her creative and strategic approaches, she brings deep experience in market research to the Canopy team. She’s also co-founder of an award-winning animal welfare organization that works to better the lives of companion animals in need in remote communities. Her passion for ancient forests, wild spaces and animals grounds her work with her Canopy partners.


More about me

I live in the small, remote community of Tofino, located on the western-most coast of Vancouver Island. Its where white sand beaches stretch across the coast with surf waves pounding their shores, all surrounded by ancient forest. Although I grew up in the city of Vancouver, remote wilderness is where I feel most alive in the world. Working to conserve ancient and endangered forests is a natural fit and has been one of my primary focuses over the past twenty years. In addition to forests, I have a deep love for animals, wild and domesticated. I am fascinated by the relationship between human and non-human animals and the exploration of how to create a more just, compassionate and abundant society.


Why are forests important to me

For so many reasons! Forests are home to a myriad of species, big and small, who have all adapted to these unique environments and who rely on these magnificent ecosystems to survive. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. Forests are the lungs of the planet, providing all living beings with the air we need to survive. They also regulate the water table, stabilize global climate and provide countless other benefits for all species. Basically, they’re the best!

Why Canopy 

Canopy is a forward-thinking, innovative and creative organization with an incredible track record of success built by a team of passionate high-achieving forest lovers. The Canopy team members are supportive of one another and a ton of fun to work with.

Ask me about

Ideas for your next event, great vegan recipes and restaurants, meditation and the importance of gratitude. Or, ask me about animals and the interconnection of all living beings and my desire to live in a more compassionate world and what I’m doing to help manifest this.

What ruffles my feathers

Senseless acts that harm human and non-human animals and destroy ecosystems. When people don’t call me back when they say they will.