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Joshua Katcher

North America Hub Strategist

Joshua Katcher is a Next Gen fashion materials expert, fashion designer and educator, author, and entrepreneur. His book Fashion Animals (2019) was written while teaching at Parsons School of Design. He coined the term circumfauna, published in the Dictionary of Ecological Economics  (2023). He has lectured and lobbied internationally. Katcher started the first men’s fashion website focused on material innovation, The Discerning Brute (2008-2019) and then launched the first vegan, ethically-made menswear brand with a focus on Next Gen footwear, Brave GentleMan in 2010, which has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, GQ, and The Financial Times. In 2017, Katcher co-founded RIND by Dina & Joshua, an award-winning, French-style vegan cheese company with the first authentic vegan cheese cave in America. 

More about me  

I have a fine arts degree and in another life, I would have been a sculptor and painter. I love puns, sarcasm, and I’m designing a strategy board game about rewilding! I live with my husband and our two kitties in Brooklyn, NY.  

Why forests are important to me 

Forests are life itself. They are both vital homes and places where something ancient and vast can be felt. They’re teeming with histories and secrets, offering wonder and a sense of the more-than-human. They are irreplaceable, invaluable, and very much under threat. 

Why Canopy 

What I love about Canopy is the focus on systems-level change through scaling Next Gen innovations. This approach offers achievable solutions for protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests, biodiversity and addressing the climate crisis.   

Ask me about 

The history of animals used in fashion. My favorite vintage spots in New York City. The secret to making the best vegan matzoh balls.  

What ruffles my feathers 

Disinformation. Missed opportunities. Animal cruelty. 


joshua dot katcher at canopyplanet dot org