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Jordan Giaconia

Strategic Lead Next Gen Solutions

An accomplished advocate and campaigner, Jordan brings several years of experience shaping conservation initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. From the windswept buttes of the American southwest to the old growth forests of Alaska, he’s helped secure lasting protections for many of our most iconic landscapes and imperiled wildlife species. As Strategic Lead for Canopy’s Next Generation Solutions campaign, he spearheads our efforts to scale up designs, systems, and technologies that allow companies to shift away from forest fibres and toward more sustainable, forest-friendly alternatives.

More about me

I was lucky enough to grow up in rural New England, where I spent most of my youth in the woods or on the water. What began as a curiosity and love for nature became a strong desire to protect it for future generations. As first-generation college student, I’d call my educational experience a controlled fall, one that landed me squarely in the world of environmental policy.

After getting a taste of forest conservation working in New York’s Adirondack Park, I moved down to Washington, DC where I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of land, water, and wildlife conservation issues with groups such as the Land Trust Alliance, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and the Sierra Club. After spending six years inside the beltway, I was ready for change and moved up to Vermont to work for Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. There I partnered with brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Burton, and others to take bold climate action, engage in policymaking, and green their supply chains—they showed me firsthand how businesses can be a powerful force for good.

Working to secure protections for wolves, bears, and pollinators, defending bedrock environmental laws, and advancing forest conservation efforts has been the honor of my career and I’m thrilled to carry that work forward with Canopy—albeit in new and exciting ways!

Why are forests important to me

On a personal level, forests are where I have always gone to decompress, step outside of myself, and draw life lessons from healthy, thriving ecosystems. As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, I feel most at home in the woods and once I’m out there in the wilderness you’ll have a tough time getting me out! Beyond their intrinsic value, forests are important to me for all of the incredible ecosystem services they provide. They clean our air, filter our water, sustain biodiversity, control erosion, and so much more. 

Why Canopy

I have always subscribed to the belief that if you come to the table with problems, you should also come with solutions and that’s what Canopy does best. We bring an innovative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial spirit to the movement that is really refreshing and makes clear that economic growth and forest conservation are far from mutually exclusive.

Ask me about

Next Generation solutions (agricultural residues, recycled clothing, etc), the value of intact forest ecosystems, and climate risk disclosures are my bread and butter, but if you really want to see me nerd out ask me about my rock collection!

What ruffles my feathers  

Greenwashing, dogmatism, and Chicago style deep dish pizza.