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James Alden

Investor Engagement Specialist

James Alden comes to Canopy to help catalyze investment in Next-Gen fibres. He has 20 years of experience in clean technology and business sustainability and has been involved in the build, growth and sale of multiple businesses in lighting, solar and energy efficiency. He currently volunteers at the Altitude Accelerator in Toronto, mentoring innovative start-up companies and is a founder and owner of Wolfe Island Records.

More About Me

I have had an eclectic and exciting life, working in aerospace (my father was a metallurgist), pharmaceuticals and health care, as a biotechnology journalist, in real estate, and a long career as an environmental entrepreneur. I have been fortunate to travel extensively, in part through a short career playing basketball internationally. I had the chance to live in Asia, learning to love the beauty of the food, culture, and natural environment. While I grew up on the West Coast, near the forest, I found myself more interested in frogs, snakes, and spiders (and lots of what rainforests had to offer!) Travelling in Indonesia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Hawaii, and Micronesia gave me lots of exposure to the wonders of forests. Here in Ontario I enjoy going on mushroom hunts for edibles as part of the Toronto Mycological Society, snowshoeing, playing basketball, and tennis.

Why Are Forests Important to Me?

I love the smell, the sounds of water and birds, looking for mushrooms, and probably my favorite forest experience, trying to find Poison Dart frogs in Costa Rica. There is no more incredible experience than be in an untouched forest, walking slowly and seeing how it all fits together in this seemingly chaotic but in fact perfect harmony.

Why Canopy?

Canopy has the goal to do something huge in the world – stop the use of virgin forest in pulp, paper and fashion. I want to be part of a team that has global impact. Using old growth forests for packaging and toilet paper makes no sense.

Ask me about

Anything – I love learning and sharing.

What ruffles my feathers

When business leaders and politicians talk about the younger generation who “know better” and will drive the environmental decisions in the future. It is us, people with years of knowledge and experience, who need to drive change and do it now!