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Ivy Schlegel

Strategy Lead, Food & Beverage

I come to my role at Canopy as a seasoned campaign strategist and research manager who has helped design and execute ambitious campaigns and research products that have pressured the world’s largest corporations to address environmental, climate, and human rights impacts of their supply chains. I am also a long-time forest activist and packaging geek. I spent almost 12 years at Greenpeace, with most of those years on campaign team focused on Indonesian rainforests, and then pressuring the world’s largest consumer goods companies to reimagine their packaging strategies.  

More about Me

I’ve led or participated in an array of investigations exposing deforestation throughout global supply chains, and have emphasized transparency in supply chains and corporate reporting in all of my work. I am also a skilled educator and facilitator committed to racial justice and consensus building. I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco in Critical Media Studies, a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and History from Boston College, and have completed professional training in arboriculture/forestry, horticulture, permaculture, GIS studies, and the teaching of English Language Learners.  

Why Forests are Important to Me

I came to forest activism through non-violent direct action to defend the redwood forests of California, and became part of a small crew that erected and maintained a ‘forest village’ of tree-sits, and we documented the ecosystem and watershed threatened by unsustainable logging. Forests are a point of recalibration for me, and bring a sense of peace as well as an electrifying energy bustling with life. Not only are the ecosystem services that forests provide absolutely critical for our health and well-being as a planet, there is something very special spending hours watching the respiration from the leaves of an old-growth tree.   

Why Canopy

Through my work transforming unsustainable supply chains and securing large-scale conservation of the world’s forests, I’ve long been a fan of Canopy’s role as a dynamic disrupter focused on solutions to the crisis facing our forests and climate.   

Ask me About 

In addition to being quite geeky about corporate branding, the history of advertising, supply chain logistics, and satellite imagery, I also love freight railroads, researching racial residential segregation and the history of real estate development in every town I visit, developing vegan analogs to Eastern European dishes, and long-distance bicycle touring. I also prioritize dance parties.  

What Ruffles My Feathers

Greenwashing; non-transparent supply chains and executives /investors that think that’s ok; net zero pledges that rely on offsets (see: greenwashing); when anybody forgets that forests are a critical component of climate action.  


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