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Hector Magallon Larson

Strategic Lead, Personal Care/ Beauty

Hector has dedicated over three decades to environmental activism and social change with an unwavering commitment to making a positive and significant global impact. He has worked for different environmental organizations such as Greenpeace Mexico and Mexico’s Climate Initiative, and now Canopy. Beginning his journey at the age of 17, he has held various roles across the environmental movement such as volunteer, forest and genetic engineering campaigner, Net Zero Pathway project leader, and director of mobilization and participation.

More about me   

My activism and commitment to social and environmental issues started when I was a senior high school student and I participated in a literacy campaign in an indigenous community south of Mexico City. This community was located in the most beautiful sacred fir (Abies religiosa) forest. Ten years after I came back, as a forest campaigner, to work with the community leaders and support them in their fight to protect their forests. During my tenure at Greenpeace Mexico, I led a successful multi-year campaign to halt deforestation in Mexico and worked to significantly increasing volunteer engagement and social media following.  

Why forests are important to me 

When I was a kid, my family used to go every other weekend to spend the day at the forest near the city.  There, me and a bunch of other kids (picture extended family Sunday gathering at grandmas, but as a picnic) spent hours exploring on our own and having “adventures”. I remember those days very fondly and I’m sure it cemented my love for nature and forest. 

Why Canopy 

I’m convinced that as society we need to move away from a narrative of competition and confrontation to one of collaboration and cooperation. This is particularly key to solve the climate and biodiversity crisis that we are currently facing. Canopy embraces this approach by promoting collaboration with brands and producers to secure Ancient and Endangered Forest- free supply chains. This style not only benefits wildlife and forests but is also beneficial to all of us as a species. 

Ask me about 

Forests in Mexico. There are beautiful places to visit full of biodiversity! 

What ruffles my feathers 

Decision makers that think can keep acting as if we weren’t facing a polycrisis without precedent in the history of humanity. 



Hector dot magallon at canopyplanet dot org