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Hannah Kocsis

Administrative Assistant

Hannah loves to support others and ensure the theoretical engine is always running smoothly. Her undergraduate degree in Sport Management and minor in Tourism gave her many lenses to be able to examine projects at their full scope and perfect the smallest of details. Her past administrative experience along with her passion for the planet make for an excellent concoction for her role at Canopy.

More About me

When my surrounding natural environment is thriving and abundant, I feel whole.

Though I was raised in the city of Toronto, I always found myself subconsciously taking opportunities to be out in nature. From portaging Algonquin to planting perennials, the wilderness has always been a part of me. Growing up I really struggled to pinpoint my passions and purpose when asked what they were. As I bobbed around my life’s path I started to emotionally and physically notice my interested in sustainability and our planets health. Topics such as of off-grid architecture, organically grown produce, zero-waste living, nature conservation and microbial health started to spark a flame within me. This flame grew so strong that I no longer had a doubt what my passion was and how I wanted to spend my time and energy.

Why are forests important to me

I believe that in another lifetime I was a forest fairy or an elf of some sort that lived amongst the trees and the moss. In this lifetime I want to ensure as many people as possible understand how precious and important forests are. They are home to critters big and small, they shade our planet, they allow us to breath, and they allow for abundance of biodiversity that is essential to everyone and everything’s overall health. All this and forests are still harvested at an ungodly rate, most of the time, for the benefit of bank accounts. Selfishly, forests are a place where I go to connect with my earth, my soul and my body. Globally and universally forests are essential to healthy living on earth.

Why Canopy

Goods that are produced and distributed around the world do not need to take from our Ancient and Endangered Forests. Canopy is spreading that word. Not only do we guide companies in a sustainable direction, but we also work with communities and governments to conserve land from being harvests ever again. I get to spend my time and energy focusing on protecting forests. That’s very groovy if you ask me. My role within Canopy allows me to make sure my team has the support they need to kick ass.

Ask me about                                                                                      

One pan vegan cooking, second-hand shopping, vinegar, and why EDM is the grooviest music genre.

What ruffles my feathers?

Littering and greenwashing. Seeing the litter of single-use items is especially infuriating due to the noncyclical nature of the item, rather than using an alternative reusable product in the first place. Though littering in any space is sad, littering in a forest is soul shattering. Green washing is just one a big eye-roll.