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Fawzia Ahmad

Engagement & Operations Director

Fawzia has dedicated over 25 years to the social justice movement, Fawzia’s work with Canopy has been focused in the past on generating diverse streams of revenue for Canopy. Today, with her passion for financial sustainability still a driving force, she is focused on broader organizational engagement and operations. She is dedicated to protecting the planet’s fury and slimy friends and knows they are our strongest allies in winning hearts and minds.

More about me

I have degrees in Geography & Geology and Criminology. My early focus was on women’s rights and violence against women and children, Deaf access and anti-poverty.  My passion for the environment stems from my parents – my Dad was a Soil Scientist and my Mum a recycler like I’ve never seen before!  My work with Canopy is focused on achieving financial sustainability for Canopy.  I am dedicated to protecting the planet’s furry friends and I know they are our strongest allies in raising funds as well.

Why are forests important to me

Because green is my favourite colour? Haha – no it’s not my favourite colour but I want to make sure forests keep on standing for generations to come because of my deep love and passion for all creatures big and small.  A tree hugger I am not – but if it were safe to cuddle a grizzly bear or a Sumatran tiger I will be first in line! Forests are the homes to furry and slimy creatures that I cherish and they provide me with a playground, fresh air, clean water – and that makes my life groovy.

Why Canopy

I believe that Canopy’s model of change is the solution to protecting our forests, species and mitigating climate change and we have a proven track record of success that makes me proud!  The people I get to work with everyday keep me striving to do better for our planet – there’s no settling for “good enough” – they are fun and they rock – but don’t tell them I said so – I will deny it 😉

Ask me about

Anything about Canopy and especially why you should support and engage with this amazing organization! Why it’s important to keep the trickster that lives inside us active. The animals in my life that own me, guerilla gardening, and Trinidad & Tobago!

What ruffles my feathers

Missed opportunities to create impact and change.



fawzia at canopyplanet dot org