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Daniel Brindis Delgado

Director, Impact

Daniel joins Canopy with nearly 20 years of forest conservation experience having specialized in the Brazilian Amazon, the Canadian Boreal, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and forest and ecosystem risk commodity supply chains. Daniel’s diverse portfolio has included the pulp and paper sector, apparel brands, sustainability certification, illegal logging, industrial agriculture, high-risk infrastructure, and defending free speech. As Deputy Campaign Director, Daniel helps manage Canopy’s campaigns and supports the growth and development of the next generation of Canopy campaigners. 


More About Me  

I grew up in San Francisco and now live with my partner and two children in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. One day, however, I hope to bring my family to meet boto pink river dolphins in the Amazon. 

My passion for human rights brought me into the environmental space because the climate and biodiversity emergencies catalyze disparate impacts and exacerbate centuries-deep injustices. No one organization can address such wicked problems alone. Thankfully there is a diverse global ecosystem of allies that work to protect nature and promote Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ stewardship of critical landscapes.   


Why Are Forests Important to Me? 

Forests do more than just help us breathe. Forests nourish us as they are vital for the production of food and fresh water. Forests help us heal as sources of medicine and have an incalculable spiritual value as well. As often as forests are compared to the planet’s lungs, they do so much more. 

Why Canopy? 

Canopy has positioned itself as a leading innovator and implementer of solutions that are both ambitious and feasible. The world is struggling with a demand for forest commodities (packaging, fabrics) that pose threats to these most critical ecosystems. Canopy has charted a compelling route to redirect the impacts of the pulp and paper sector. 

Ask me about 

Brazilian music genres, new recipes, pickleball strategy, and Spanish versions of dad jokes. 

What ruffles my feathers 

When some sustainability pitches disregard the need for free speech, transparency, and Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.