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Cynthia Duncan

Administrative Assistant & Designer

Cynthia has always been driven by her passion for making a positive impact through her work. With a background in graphic design and art direction, her dream job was to contribute to non-profit organizations, focusing on various areas like environmental conservation, healthcare, and community welfare – a diverse range of causes!

More about me

My journey led me to Canada, where, with the guidance of a career coach, I rekindled my long-lost passion for helping others. This resurgence of purpose brought me to Canopy Planet, where I wholeheartedly dedicate my time to preserving ancient forests, the climate, flora, fauna, and ultimately, life on our planet.

Why forests are important to me

To me, every forest and rainforest worldwide possesses a unique soul, personality, and energy. I approach each forest as a powerful entity that warmly embraces me and communicates as I step into their realm. Every living creature and plant within the forest plays a vital role in the intricate system that sustains us, providing essentials like oxygen, medicine, food, shade, and life itself.

Why Canopy

Canopy’s work truly inspires me, nurturing my love for forests and aligning with my purpose. The organization’s goals and mission deeply resonate with me. Every day, I am privileged to dedicate my time to Canopy, and I take immense pride in being a part of this incredible and passionate family – a team of top-notch professionals dedicated to making a difference in this field.

Ask me about

My adventures in travel and the wonders of Peru and Ecuador!

What ruffles my feathers

Social injustice in any form, cruelty towards animals, and the heart-wrenching issue of deforestation.