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Chelsie Ventura

Executive Assistant

Chelsie is committed to fostering a world that embraces the principles of a circular economy. She firmly believes encouraging space for creativity, action, and sustainability we can enhance our future. Chelsie uses her diverse experiences and education to heighten productivity, streamline creativity, and drive continuous improvement.

More About Me

My process of self-cultivation hasn’t been linear. I’ve stumbled, thinking I’ve lost my way, only to find myself building new places to call home. Whether that be gardening through the peaks of Vancouver Island, directing sustainable festivals and awareness, guiding people through yoga and meditation, consulting organizations, or diverting food waste into delicious vegan food, my home is always where I put my energy. Through my love of logistics, the environment, people, and animals, I pride myself in occupying my time to making a difference.

Why forests are important to me

When I was a little girl, I would frolic outdoors pretending to be a fairy or goblin talking to the trees, plants, and animals around me as if they were a part of me. That feeling has never left: being understood and held in the space of nature (and being a goblin). Witnessing the harmonious cycle of life and decay in a forest reminds me of the importance of sustainable practices in my own life. The forests give me space to cultivate questions: “how can I create more practices of curiosity?”, feel connected to a larger community, and allow myself to be free. Forests are essential to harmony, well-being, and our future.

Why Canopy

The Canopy team is like a blazing comet, igniting innovative solutions to combat the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Their unwavering passion, tireless dedication, keen attention to detail, and sheer brilliance never fail to spark my creativity. We aren’t just spreading awareness; we’re orchestrating transformation. My role as an EA ensures that my team has all the support they need to achieve impactful change.

Ask me about

Food is my love language. Engage me in a conversation about the magical art of transforming your cherished recipes into vegan wonders. Ask me about my vegan baking adventure, where I focus my time on food waste reduction. Music is my essential; punk is my go-to but I explore anything that makes me bounce around. Urban planning, sustainable fashion, community events, and art are a few things I love!

What ruffles my feathers?

Greenwashing, food insecurity, social injustice, and close-mindedness. Being attentive and mindful are practices everyone should embrace!

Contact: Chelsie.Ventura at canopyplanet dot org