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Cecile Monteyne Charleston

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Cecile Monteyne Charleston is a seasoned entertainment professional who recently completed her Master’s in Environmental Science at the University of Toronto. Hoping to combine her storytelling and production experience to further the environmental causes of our time, she relocated to Canada from the United States. Her focus at Canopy is work with brand partners who have combined CanopyStyle and Pack4Good policies, as well as tools to support the PaperFutures initiative such as the EcoPaper Database and the Blueline Report.

More about me

I graduated with an Honors degree in Theatre and Environmental Policy from Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana. I spent 15 years as a performer and producer, primarily working in the not-for-profit theatre world. After years in New York and London, I returned home to New Orleans and joined the artistic community there, where I created the popular improv/theatre hybrid show You Don’t Know the Half of It and joined the nationally recognized ensemble, The NOLA Project. Following the dramatic political shift in American politics, I decided to rejoin the environmental movement and find a way to use my creative storytelling skills to help bridge divisions.

Why are Forests Important to Me

Forests are not just places, they are communities. They are intricately formed relationships between living (and non-living) characters. Not only do I have a lot of respect and reverence for the natural world, but I have a deep belief in the essential power of community. Stepping into a forest instantly reconnects you to the planet. I particularly love listening to the soundscapes that can be found in forests.

Why Canopy

So often in the environmental movement we sell negative stories and issues without offering any actionable solutions. Thankfully, Canopy takes a pre-competitive, collaborative and solutions-based approach, which I find inspiring. Plus, I get to work with and learn from some of Canada’s forest conservation luminaries.

Ask me about

Improv Comedy and how laughter is essential to your health. Also creating fun, weird spaces for collaborative storytelling. And my family.

What ruffles my feathers

I find self-selected ignorance to be incredibly troubling. Decisions we make do effect other people and places and beings. We need to make better, more informed choices. And basic rudeness is incomprehensible. It does not take much to say please and thank you. And always pick up after your dog; you’re making the rest of us look bad.