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Catherine Stewart

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Catherine is a veteran senior campaigner of the environmental movement having worked on forestry and marine protection issues for the past 27 years.  At Canopy Catherine focuses her efforts on our printer and boreal campaigns.



More about me

I’ve worked in media and advertising, travelled extensively, owned a small business in a resource-based community but found my calling in the environmental non-governmental (ENGO) sector. I was Greenpeace’s lead negotiator in the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements for its first 6 years and an ENGO delegate to the United Nations Treaty on High Seas Fisheries. I have written numerous published articles, authored parliamentary submissions on environmental issues, facilitated large international ENGO meetings and was called to testify at the Federal Inquiry into Fraser River sockeye (the Cohen Inquiry). Recently I’ve shifted gears from Canopy Communications to a campaign position, working to transform the print sector and end the use of endangered forests in clothing with CanopyStyle. I have two wonderful children with my partner of 36 years and one brilliant grandson. Really – he is incredibly smart.

Why are forests important to me

I love the stillness of the deep old-growth forest. The sound of wind in the tall trees, bird song, the trickling of water and the rustling of creatures in the lush undergrowth. I feel at one with the natural world, grounded – with a sense of belonging and my place on the earth. And real forests (not tree farms) are full of surprises. Follow a path beaten through the woods by bears and you can come upon a fresh wolf track in the mud. You know the forest is alive!

Why Canopy 

Canopy is innovative, effective and creative. I’d worked with several team members before in different capacities and I was excited by the opportunity to join them. We’re blessed with an amazing, knowledgeable, passionate team with a depth of expertise and a sense of fun brought to meaningful and impactful work.

Ask me about

My grandson. No – better not. I’ll go on forever. Ask me about helping to create a legacy for all our children and grandchildren by becoming part of the effort to protect ancient forests, the species that rely on them (including humans) and how much forests contribute to mitigating climate change.

What ruffles my feathers

Disinformation. We can hold differing views and debate them – but let’s make it an honest debate.