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Carol Steuri

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Carol categorizes herself as a ‘multi-potentialite’ with experience in innovation, strategy, and communications across a variety of industries, sectors, and geographies. At Canopy, Carol is focused on the scale-up of Next Gen Solutions. 

More about me 

I moved back to Canada at the start of the pandemic after nine years in the Swiss Alps. It has been quite an adjustment for me and our young family. We’ve laid down some roots in Wakefield, Quebec, and live in a little cottage in the forest overlooking the Gatineau Hills.  

In Switzerland, I was teaching, consulting, and working with young social entrepreneurs at the start-up phase. I was also working on my Masters in Climate Policy. I knew when I returned back to Canada, I wanted to work on the big issues in the non-profit or social enterprise space. As someone who started out in the private sector, with goals to ‘steal market share’, I knew early on that I needed to have more meaning and purpose. I am drawn to organizations, people, and work that drive tangible impact with a solid dose of optimism and fun. 

Why are forests important to me? 

For so many reasons! Because we need them for our survival, for our well-being, for the climate, to home all the creatures and species. Because there is nothing like running in the forest with my dog to give me clarity and peace. I love watching our kids scavenge and forage around in the acres behind our house. Because this land is not ours to cut down, forests are people and communities and life. 

Why Canopy? 

I was introduced to Canopy a number of years ago through the Ashoka network. I have been impressed with its impact and the crew of dedicated people behind that impact. Its culture is quirky, caring, and somewhat impatient, and so am I, so I feel at home. 

Ask me About 

How we are going to collectively bring Next Gen Solutions to the mainstream!  

On the personal side, ask me about adventure sports, writing children’s books, growing up in Winnipeg, and raising kind little humans. 

What ruffles my feathers? 

People and institutions addicted to power over humanity.  

Big egos and fancy talk with no concrete action.  

Let’s Chat! 

Connect with me over LinkedIn 

carol.steuri at canopyplanet dot org