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Cait Green

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Cait comes to Canopy with 12 years of sales experience in the beer industry.  As a former Sales Operations Manager, who has a big green heart for our forests, it was time to get back to her environmental roots. Cait’s formal education and passion are in Environmental Studies.  Cait plans to use her sales experience to transform business practices for our Ancient and Endangered Forests.  Her primary focus is working on Canopy’s CanopyStyle and Pack4Good campaigns. It’s important to note that Cait still enjoys beer!

More About me

I grew up in a small town in Ontario and then ventured to the west coast of Newfoundland to do a BA in Environmental Studies at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. I moved to Halifax to complete a Master’s in International Development at Saint Mary’s and then never left the east coast!

Why are forests important to me

I spent my childhood getting into trouble in the forests in my backyard. I loved sitting among the trees and taking in all that nature has to offer. I now bring that love of forests into raising my children. We go on adventures and hikes in the forest and I hope they will have the same love for nature that I do.

Why Canopy

Canopy’s solutions-driven approach is refreshing and dynamic. I believe Canopy is helping to make positive changes which are drastically needed.

Ask me about

Tuvalu, it is one of my favourite places on earth!

What ruffles my feathers  

Littering! It drives me crazy how much litter I see daily on my walks.