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Anna Abad-Frederick

HR Specialist

Anna has experience in environmental campaigning in the Philippines and branched out to recruitment, where her success in identifying top talent has been invaluable. Anna’s climate justice work with Greenpeace Southeast Asia made waves, including filing the world’s first Climate Change and Human Rights Inquiry. She’s all about efficiency, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking.

More about me 

Prior to my current role in recruitment, I dedicated my career to environmental advocacy, with a specific focus on climate justice and renewable energy, which remain a profound passion and area of advocacy. I hold a Master of Arts in Public Administration from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of the Philippines.

Originally hailing from the Philippines, the “Pearl of the Orient,” I now live in Northern Virginia with my family.

Why forests are important to me 

Forests have always had an intrinsic link with my work on climate justice. Through my experience in post-super typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines, I witnessed firsthand how decimated forests contributed significantly to flash floods, landslides, and the tragic loss of thousands of lives, particularly among vulnerable communities ill-equipped to face the impacts of climate change.

Forests play a central role in the balance of our atmosphere and Mother Nature. They underscore the urgency of safeguarding these invaluable ecosystems, not just for the benefit of the environment but also for the well-being and resilience of the individuals who call them home.

Why Canopy 

Working for causes that I am passionate about is important for me, but equally important to me is being a part of an organization with an exceptional workplace culture, a healthy work-life balance, and colleagues who infuse joy and camaraderie into the professional environment.

Ask me about 

The latest talent I sniffed out, the food account I recently followed, my plant and orchid collection, and books/movies/shows I watched recently.

What ruffles my feathers 

Individuals who display wastefulness, closed-mindedness, and the unfortunate combination of ignorance and arrogance.

Contact : anna dot abad dash frederick at canopyplanet dot org