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Alexandra Poignand

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Alex is the first team member based in the United Kingdom. Previous to Canopy, Alex worked for retail department store John Lewis Partnership for five years on the fabric sourcing team, striving to source sustainable fashion. Alex has a degree in Fashion Management (BA Hons). 

More about me 

After graduating from university and soon after entering the fashion industry I realised there was a lack of transparency and traceability in sourcing raw materials. MMCF (man-made cellulosic fibres) became my area of interest after learning about the impact that forest degradation and deforestation have on our planet. I began to feel extremely passionate about taking some responsibility for sourcing sustainable MMCFs and reducing the reliance on our precious forests. And now…here I am, working for an organization as part of the solution!   

Why forests are important to me 

While traveling in Australia, I was lucky enough to go on a road trip with my Dad to the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. I had never seen such an array of wildlife from a beautiful ecosystem like that. I was totally stunned and felt privileged to have had such an experience. Keeping forests standing means a natural and sustainable habitat for wildlife, and I believe that’s the least we owe them.  

Why Canopy 

Canopy became a huge inspiration in the change in my career path. Actually, protecting forests for a job sounded too dreamy! After working with Canopy in my previous role I knew I just had to join this organization because I became inspired by Canopy’s work, its leadership, ambition to make change, and creativity. Working for a Canadian organization as a Brit is also very exciting!   

Ask me about 

Jersey in The Channel Islands, close to France (not New Jersey) — it’s a long way away from Vancouver but it’s worth a visit if you’re on that side of the pond. The island has many beautiful bays and coastal walks, much World War II history, great seafood, and is famous for its Jersey Royals (potatoes).  

What ruffles my feathers 

An uneducated opinion — get learning!