Our Partners

Canopy works collectively with some of the world’s largest brands, as well as publishers and printers, to bring forest-saving solutions to the mainstream.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Canopy works hand-in-hand with companies to address growing risk, answer customer demand, and ensure their fabrics and packaging don’t come at the expense of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. Our partnerships help transform supply chains, build environmental leadership, and take the pressure off vital forest ecosystems.

Canopy’s Partners

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Canopy’s Partnerships

Collective action is the bedrock of our work. We work with companies across industries who are committed to do better for our planet by:

  • Not using Ancient and Endangered Forests for packaging and textiles
  • Speeding the uptake and development of regenerative Next Generation Solutions 
  • Advocating for big gains in forest conservation, in line with the global goal of Nature Needs Half

Through this collaboration, forward-thinking businesses are increasingly shifting to smarter, eco-friendly alternatives to forest products — and becoming champions for the natural world. Together, we are making the dream of healthy and vibrant forests—and planet—a reality.

Partner with Canopy

We develop collaborative partnerships with forward-looking companies to reduce sourcing risks, create systemic change throughout supply chains, conserve forests, and protect our natural world. 

The solutions we propose are big, bold, and innovative, and we seek partners who are equally motivated to use their influence to bring about holistic and lasting change. Join us.