CANOPYSTYLE AUDITS: Eastman and Formosa Release Audit Results

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 24, 2020. In this time of global uncertainty, Canopy is pleased to share news about companies continuing to move forward on their CanopyStyle commitments. Hot on the heels of Vivienne Westwood’s inspiring Earth Day piece, two important man-made cellulosic fibre producers have completed and published the first of their annual CanopyStyle audit reports.

U.S.-based acetate producer Eastman and Taiwan-based viscose producer Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corporation have posted the results of their CanopyStyle Audits, which were conducted in late 2019. This is vital and helpful information for companies implementing CanopyStyle policies to stop sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests.


Read the Media Release for Eastman.

Read the Media Release for Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corporation.

The latest audit reports can be found at