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The CanopyStyle Audit

The CanopyStyle Audits

The CanopyStyle Audits of global producers of man made cellulosic fiber (ie. rayon and viscose) are based on a robust set of criteria created by Canopy with approval of the CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation comprised of Inditex/Zara, H&M, EILEEN FISHER, Stella McCartney and Marks & Spencer.

These criteria are designed to establish a credible, third party verification process to be undertaken by viscose producers, and the audits are to be used by apparel brands, retailers, and designers as one of the reference points as they implement their CanopyStyle sourcing policies. The CanopyStyle Audit Guidelines describe how auditors will verify that producers are meeting the criteria and whether and when they can be recognized as being at low risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests or controversial sources.

If you are a producer who is preparing to undertake the CanopyStyle Audits with Canopy and the auditor please:

REVIEW the audit process

READ the CanopyStyle Audit Guidelines and Complementary Resources

FILL in the Information Forms

For more information, please contact Canopy at

2021 CanopyStyle Audits

CanopyStyle audit results for China Textile Academy (CTA)

2020 CanopyStyle Audits

CanopyStyle Audit results for Kelheim Fibres

CanopyStyle Audit results for Eastman.

CanopyStyle Audit results for Formosa Chemical & Fibre Company.

CanopyStyle Audit for Jilin Chemical Fiber

CanopyStyle Second Audit for Tangshan Sanyou

CanopyStyle Second Audit for Lenzing

CanopyStyle Second Audit for Aditya Birla

CanopyStyle Audit for Century Rayon

2019 CanopyStyle Audits

CanopyStyle Audit results for Yibin Grace Group Co. Ltd.

CanopyStyle Audit results for Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) 

2018 CanopyStyle Audits

CanopyStyle Audit results for Sateri

CanopyStyle Audit results for Sanyou

CanopyStyle Audit results for ENKA

CanopyStyle Audit results for Zhejiang Fulida

2017 CanopyStyle Audits

CanopyStyle Audit results for Lenzing

CanopyStyle Audit results for Birla Cellulose







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