First US-based cellulosics producer, Eastman, completes the CanopyStyle Audit

Kingsport, New York and Vancouver – April 24, 2020. Today, environmental not-for-profit organization Canopy, third-party auditor NEPCon, and Eastman released the results of Eastman’s CanopyStyle Audit. The company is a producer of Naia™ cellulose acetate fibre, with headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee.


The audit reveals that the company has conducted an extensive risk assessment and sought out independent expert opinion to evaluate its sourcing practices and impacts on Ancient and Endangered Forests. It has also supported conservation initiatives in key Landscapes of Hope, and begun exploring the development of alternative fibres. The audit found no direct risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests and recognizes Eastman’s positive engagement of a supplier that is linked to risk via ownership.


“Canopy is pleased to see the level of scrutiny Eastman has brought to its sourcing, as well as its active engagement with suppliers,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Executive Director. “This is exactly the kind of engagement we need to encourage pulp producers to improve their footprint.”


“We’re proud to partner in the CanopyStyle initiative, as it aligns with our values and commitment to responsible sourcing,” said Jon Woods, General Manager of Textiles. “We look forward to future engagements and audits with Canopy, since continually improving our performance is a hallmark of Eastman and the Naia™ team.”


“NEPCon is pleased to continue its role as the independent auditing body for the CanopyStyle initiative and to see the scope of the program expand into new regions,” stated Jon Jickling, Director, NEPCon Solutions. “Eastman took the audit process very seriously, and have dedicated resources to doing a thorough job.”


Key findings of the audit:


  • Eastman has acquired FSC certification for its facility in Tennessee, and is investing in the development of alternative fibres;
  • Eastman has developed closed-loop systems for production of Naia™;
  • Evidence shows that Eastman is positively engaging in dialogue with one of their suppliers, Bracell[i], where Eastman has an indirect risk due to Bracell’s ownership association by parent company, Royal Golden Eagle Group.


Moving forward, Canopy recommends that the company:


  • Continue to invest in research and development of impact alternative fibres, with the goal of rapidly inputting these fibres into Naia™;
  • Should set clear targets for increasing the amount of fibre sourced that is certified to FSC and carrying FSC claims;
  • Continue to monitor its policy implementation.


This audit, which reflects a snapshot in time, is to be conducted annually to ensure that the Company continues to meet the expectations of the CanopyStyle initiative. The audit findings contribute to the Hot Button Issue Report.


With the recent developments around the global spread of COVID-19, imposed travel restrictions and social distancing measures called by regional governments worldwide, Canopy is temporarily modifying the requirements of the CanopyStyle Audit. The goal of this interim measure is to allow viscose producers to continue to be audited without creating undue delays. Canopy will be prioritizing desk audits and postponing on-site audits and short-notice audits.


The public reports from Eastman’s audit evaluations of operations are available for download here:



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Canopy is an international not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting our forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, to make their fibre supply chains more sustainable, and to help protect our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests. Canopy’s partners include H&M, Sprint, Penguin Random House, Zara, TC Transcontinental, The Globe and Mail, and Scholastic. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet.



Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. The company’s innovation-driven growth model takes advantage of world-class technology platforms, deep customer engagement, and differentiated application development to grow its leading positions in attractive end-markets such as agriculture, transportation, building and construction, and consumables. As a globally inclusive and diverse company, Eastman employs approximately 14,500 people around the world and serves customers in more than 100 countries.



NEPCon is an international, non-profit organisation working to support better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature and the climate. For 25 years, we work with businesses, smallholders, non-profit organisations and governments on developing solutions to major global challenges such as deforestation and climate change. We focus on forest and climate impact commodities and related sectors. Through a well-developed network of local representatives and contractors, NEPCon offers timely and cost-effective certification services around the world. Our focus on mission and impact differentiates our services and strengthens our credibility.