To celebrate #EarthDay and announce their collaboration with Canopy, iconic fashion house Vivienne Westwood is releasing this video created by Aidan Zamiri and featuring a poem by spoken word artist and activist Kai Isaiah Jamal.

The aim of the video is to draw attention to the direct link between the clothes we often wear and the destruction of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests, and to celebrate the work Vivienne Westwood and other Canopy Style brand partners are doing to change that.

Please enjoy (and share) the video, and take action by signing our petition to engage world leaders to rebuild our economies in a more sustainable way.

Westwood has committed to ensuring that none of its viscose fabrics originate from the world ancient and endangered forests, 100% of its wood pulp derived fabrics being FSC certified by 2021, and will prioritize Next Generation viscose as it becomes available.