The Dark Side of Paper Packaging

Every year, 3.1 billion trees are felled for paper packaging, fuelling deforestation and climate change. But wait, isn’t paper supposed to be the eco-friendly alternative to plastic? Think again!

Watch our short video uncovering the truth of paper packaging’s impact on the world’s forests. 

The story of Pack4Good exemplifies Canopy’s unwavering commitment to transforming the packaging industry’s unsustainable take-make-waste supply chains and scaling low-carbon, low-impact alternatives often derived from things we waste or burn. Through collaborations, innovative tools, consumer awareness campaigns, and a focus on the food, fashion, and beauty industries, Pack4Good has made remarkable strides in reducing environmental impact and saving forests.

By recognizing the urgency of protecting forests and embracing innovative solutions, we are building a global community dedicated to the preservation of our planet. Thanks to our Pack4Good partners, we can write a brighter future for all‌ — ‌one where sustainability is the norm and forests thrive, ensuring a healthier planet for all of us for generations to come.  

Now is the time to strengthen commitments, scale solutions, and enshrine protection. Learn how you can help.