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We rely on forests to survive and thrive. Now, forests are relying on us to protect them.

Stand with Canopy and Forests

Canopy is a not-for-profit organization that is out to change the world and is fueled by donations from individuals and foundations that share our vision and quest for a more sustainable and just planet. We do not accept gifts from government or the companies with whom we work through our campaigns. Canopy is a small, high-impact organization, so every dollar makes a huge difference!

Partner with Canopy

We partner with innovative, forward-looking companies to take action and transform supply chains to protect and conserve forests and our natural world. If that sounds like your company, partner with Canopy today.

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Send a Love Letter to Forests

The world’s most Ancient and Endangered forests are under threat. Send a virtual love letter to the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests and let’s make a difference together.

More Ways to Help

  • Contact the companies you purchase from and ask them about their packaging and fabric policies. Encourage them to adopt the lowest impact alternatives and to partner with Canopy.
  • Reduce the amount of single-use packaging you use and the clothing you purchase. 
  • Recycle. Mountains of paper end up in landfill every year. Recycling paper helps decrease the demands on threatened forest ecosystems.
  • Learn about the great Next Generation innovators bringing products to market now and how they use different types of waste (like recycled textiles or fallen leaves!) to make fibre. 
  • Buy forest-friendly products. Use your purchasing power to prioritize recycled content in any paper, packaging or clothing purchase. And if you need virgin wood fiber, look for the FSC label.