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Three billion trees are logged for packaging each year, many of which come from Ancient and Endangered Forests[1].  That’s a lot of trees, and a lot of impacts on forests.

As a society, we can no longer let carbon and species rich forests be logged into single use packaging such as pizza shipping boxes that will be used once and then sent directly to landfill or the recycling bin.

Thankfully, both people and companies are increasingly saying no to unsustainable fibre sourcing and over-packaging of consumer goods, and asking for long term, viable solutions.

Canopy is working with large consumers of forest products to eliminate Ancient and Endangered Forests from their cardboard and other paper packaging and support the development of next generation solutions as part of the Pack4Good campaign.


4Good, 4Climate, 4Species, 4Water and so much more…

Pack4Good prioritizes use of radically efficient design and systems to reduce use of paper packaging, increase reusable shipping boxes, maximize recycled content and kick start next generation solution alternatives to conventional wood feedstock.

Currently, forests are cut down to make shipping boxes, take-out food containers, shoe boxes, packaging for electronics and beauty products and countless other types of packaging. Increases in e-commerce and the broad shift away from single use plastics means demand for cardboard and paper packaging are steadily growing. These trends are increasing the impact on forests of high carbon and species importance.

Since 30% of the climate solution lies with forests, it is imperative that we curb the pressure packaging has on the world’s ecosystems.

Pack4Good builds from Canopy’s supply chain transformation work over the past 20 years with companies in the global publishing, print and fashion sectors. If you would like to join the campaign, please email us at

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[1] Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator Version 4.0. For more information visit

[2] and 

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