Thinking Outside the Box.

It’s hard to imagine three billion trees — yet that’s roughly how many trees are cut down every year to meet our global demand for paper packaging. Forests that once made up vibrant and rich ecosystems, brimming with life, become mountains of takeout containers and shipping boxes.

Our Pack4Good initiative meets this planetary problem head on by inviting industry leaders to think outside the box and implement real solutions to reduce waste, address risk, and ensure the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests aren’t cut down to package your next delivery. To date, 443 companies have signed on to Pack4Good, representing over 248 billion dollars of annual revenue, and more companies are signing on every day. 

Working with brands is an opportunity to both transform supply chains and the marketplace, and to take the pressure off of forests, all while meeting growing consumer demand for products that respect the Earth. Together with our partners, we focus on sustainable alternatives to logging Ancient and Endangered Forests, including:

  • Recycled pulp and paper: Use of recycled and post-consumer recycled inputs is the best way to minimize our impact on forests. 
  • Next Generation Solutions: Alternative fibres, like agricultural waste, make great paper for packaging and reduce reliance on forests and lower carbon emissions.
  • FSC certification: When forest fibre is needed, we encourage partners to source their packaging from suppliers with the highest environmental standards.
  • Innovative design: We support and encourage our partners to rethink how much packaging is needed, how it is designed, and how it gets used. 

Through our Pack4Good initiative, we collaborate and help our partners develop robust sourcing policies, and also provide tools and support. With ingenuity and innovation, we are rethinking packaging and integrating sustainable Next Generation Solutions to save our climate and our world’s forests in the process.

That’s not just thinking outside the box; it’s re-imagining what boxes can be all together.

Join Pack4Good

Want to join the Pack4Good initiative? Canopy is an environmental not-for-profit that works with hundreds of companies to reduce impact on the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. Learn about existing solutions and how to partner with us to ensure the world’s threatened forests remain standing.


Our Partners

Canopy’s goals are ambitious — this critical decade for our planet requires nothing less. But, we couldn’t reach these goals without the incredible partnerships we’ve developed. Our partnerships demonstrate what is possible when we work together to take collective action with an imperative for meaningful change.