FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 9, 2022, Global — Today, 35 brands, three producers, and two innovators from around the globe, including online fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando, fashion brands Mango, ba&sh, and Ardene, and luxury shoe brand Nicholas Kirkwood have committed to revolutionizing their packaging supply chains to protect vital forests all over the planet by joining environmental organization Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative. Pack4Good works with global brands and innovators to address the massive and growing forest footprint of paper packaging.

Every year three billion trees — an area of forest about the size of Germany — are cut down to produce paper packaging. If those three billion trees were stacked end to end in a line, they would wrap around the Earth roughly 891 times. Scientists have urged greater conservation and restoration of forests as vital components in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises. Today, these brands bring the total number of Pack4Good partners to 317, all working together to heed that call and speed much-needed Next Generation Solutions to market.

“The importance of keeping forests intact is critical to help regenerate ecosystems and promote biodiversity. Mango is committed to be a part of this mission and we are happy to join Canopy to work towards this common goal. Consequently, Mango is working to ensure that our packaging and the origin of the fibers of our products don’t come from vital forest ecosystems,” said Beatriz Bayo, head of CSR at Mango.

“Ardene is very proud to be signing on with Canopy as a next step in our social responsibility journey,” said a company spokesperson. “We are increasing the use of sustainable materials in our products and investing in projects to help protect nature. We are inspired by Canopy’s dedication and mission, and we are excited to begin this next chapter to help do our part for the planet.”

Creating paper packaging doesn’t have to equal cutting down trees. There are innovative solutions that exist right now that change this market equation to one that benefits both industry and the planet. Next Gen Solutions utilize alternative fibres, including agricultural waste, to make strong, attractive, and versatile packaging, while taking pressure off forests, lowering carbon emissions, and enabling a circular economy.

“The companies joining Pack4Good are demonstrating the type of ‘out-of-the-box’ leadership we need to see across the board — innovative thinking to transform unsustainable paper packaging supply chains, scale-up solutions, and save forests,” stated Tamara Stark, Canopy Campaigns Director. “I’m excited to see progressive business leaders taking action to move these groundbreaking solutions from the margins to the mainstream.”

Pack4Good partners included in today’s announcement are committed to ensuring that, by the end of 2022, all their packaging is:

  • Free of Ancient and Endangered Forests;
  • Designed to reduce material use;
  • Maximizing recycled and alternative Next Generation fibres (such as agricultural residues); and
  • Using FSC-certified wood when virgin forest fibre continues to be used.

Canopy launched the Pack4Good initiative in October 2019, and its partners include fashion brands, beauty and personal care brands, printers and telecommunication companies as well as Next Generation Solutions providers, with more sectors and companies joining every day.

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