Quotes from Brands of February 2022 Pack4Good Announcement


“Ardene is very proud to be signing on with Canopy as a next step in our social responsibility journey,” said a company spokesperson. “Partnering with an organization that works to help preserve our forest ecosystems aligns with our overall sustainability goals, including using FSC paper for all our paper hangtags. We are also continually increasing the use of sustainable materials in our products and investing in projects to help preserve and protect nature. We are inspired by Canopy’s dedication and mission, and we are excited to begin this next chapter to help do our part for the planet.” 


“AWAY THAT DAY is so excited to partner with Canopy. We look up to Canopy and are incredibly grateful for the amazing work they do and share with companies that are trying to make a difference. This is a step in the right direction for us. We will continue to learn, evolve and look forward to implementing the framework to ensure our supply chain supports and protects forest conservation.”


“Our Blossom sustainability strategy, unveiled last spring, demonstrates our commitment to respecting the environment and building together a sustainable fashion world. At ba&sh, we are convinced that this commitment can only be realized by relying on first-rate partners. By choosing to partner with Canopy, we are pursuing our ambition to preserve natural resources and reduce our environmental and social impact even further. ” 


“Punarbhavaa Ceae is proud to be partnering with Canopy, in committing to the Pack4Good initiative. This is a very important step for us, as it echoes our existing DNA and ethos of the business.  Majority of our business is 100% recycled cotton paper packaging products to B2B fashion business and we are joining this campaign to show our commitment to protect ancient and endangered forests through our sustainable packaging solutions.”

Colonial Tag & Label

“Colonial Tag & Label is proud to partner and work with Canopy on its mission to protect and preserve ancient and endangered forests. As a leading manufacturer of woven and paper products, we have been at the forefront of moving to sustainable packaging for our customers. We look forward to continuing our practices and remaining an eco-friendly production company.”


“We at Craste are extremely elated to be partnering with Canopy. It felt like the perfect partner to have to strengthen our commitment and effort to save the ancient endangered forests of the world and build a functional and relevant circular economy that makes a real impact in the world today,” said Shubham CEO and Co-founder Craste.”


“Becoming part of Canopy Pack4Good has been an exciting and important step forward in achieving our vision at EcoEnclose. The resources, tools, and 1-1 guidance we now have access to have helped us more thoughtfully assess the sustainability of paper packaging options and explore the new landscape of next gen paper. We’ve seen firsthand that as so many conscious businesses look to replace plastic with paper, they sometimes inadvertently switch to paper alternatives that are quite damaging to our ancient forests, biodiversity, and climate change. Canopy Pack4Good has helped us become better EcoAllies to the companies we serve – by ensuring we are offering truly eco-friendly paper packaging options, sharing the best and most current industry research, and pursuing the best sustainable packaging innovations possible.” —Saloni Doshi, CEO, EcoEnclose 


“think4D is proud to partner with Canopy, to promote sustainable forest management, the protection of ancient and endangered forests, eco-paper development and responsible environmental practices.” 

JBS Textile Group

“Forests are essential to our survival and well-being. Forests clean our air, our water, our soil and they regulate our climate, amongst many other things. Responsible business behavior is at the heart of everything we do, and our commitment to the CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives is a natural way for us to contribute to preserving the world’s ancient and endangered forests.” — Rasmus Stærk Just, CSR Coordinator 


“The importance of keeping forests intact is critical to help regenerate ecosystems and promote biodiversity. Mango is committed to be a part of this mission and we are happy to join Canopy to work towards this common goal. Consequently, Mango is working to ensure that our packaging and the origin of the fibers of our products don’t come from vital forest ecosystems,” said Beatriz Bayo, head of CSR.


“As we are inundated with Amazon packages piling up on our neighbors’ doorsteps, it’s hard not to think how can we reduce our impact? Environmental leadership requires intentional choices every day, it’s the ‘simple’ decisions that have become critical to everyone’s role in the environment. Mitchell chose to support the Pack4Good initiative because it’s a necessity to rethink assumptions within business.” 


“Modibodi strives to create a lighter footprint on the planet every day with our reusable period and incontinence products. Packaging is another opportunity to protect the planet by keeping Ancient and Endangered Forests standing and out of the packaging supply chain. We are very proud to work with Canopy’s Pack4Good campaign to source Next Generation alternatives.” — Kristy Chong, CEO and Founder Modibodi

Nicholas Kirkwood

“As we have moved away from using synthetics in our collections, we are now using many cellulose-based materials as replacements, particularly in our insoles and packaging. We are happy to start working with Canopy to guarantee that all aspects of our supply chain are completely free from fibres, cellulose and paper deriving from ancient and endangered forests.” — Nicholas Kirkwood, 2021  


“At Notpla, we have the ambitious goal of changing the paper industry. Our seaweed material and underlying technology are a key part in achieving this dream by offering packaging companies an environmentally friendly option and reducing pressure on our forests.” 

PAPER London

“At PAPER our love and respect for the planet has been a core part of our journey from the beginning. We are committed to protecting our planet’s biodiversity and maintaining the health of ecosystems within it, as we strive for more sustainable solutions. We are thrilled to join the CanopyStyle and Pack4Good projects to ensure our Forest-derived products are being sourced responsibly and leaving lighter footprints on the planet’s vital forest ecosystems.” — Philippa Thackeray, Co-Founder of PAPER London 

Stacey Martin Lifestyle

“We are absolutely honoured to have Stacey Martin Lifestyle work in partnership with Canopy. We are committed to making a dedicated effort that will aid in protecting the world’s forests.” — CEO and Designer Stacey Martin


“Underworks is committed to protecting the world’s ancient and endangered forest through responsible sourcing of wood and paper-based products, so that the great ecosystem we are a part of can continue to thrive!”