Hot Looks for Textile Exchange 2019

CanopyStyle takes a closer look at this fall’s top forest fashion trends


1- Never Say Never

When we launched CanopyStyle in 2013, leading viscose producers told Canopy that turning recycled clothing into viscose at commercial scale wasn’t possible. 2019 has shown us otherwise. Since this summer, two additional viscose producers have launched Next Generation products and trials – both containing recycled textiles. The latest is this week’s launch by Aditya Birla of a viscose containing 20% recycled fabric and announcement that it is on track to launch a commercial grade viscose with 50% recycled textile in 2020. We anticipate other Next Generation innovation commitments between now and year-end as producers diversify their fibre baskets to be in sync with 2030 climate and biodiversity realities and targets.


2- Green Is In

Green shirts will be all over the runways this year. As we finalize the 2019 Hot Button Report, it looks like we will have more green shirts than ever before. The CanopyStyle team is working around the clock to support viscose producers to improve their scores. ‘Business As Usual’ is becoming a thing of the past.


3- The Whole Package

Launched on October 1, Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative focuses on helping brands improve sourcing for their B2B and B2C packaging as well as catalyze Next Generation packaging solutions and protect forests. Nine forward-thinking brands are already on board and Canopy predicts more to come over the next six months.


4- Power Suiting — ENGO Partnerships

On October 6, Canopy and ZDHC joined forces to provide the clothing sector with the expertise and integrated tools needed to reduce both the sourcing and production impacts of viscose production. Stay tuned.


5- New Brand Champions

Forest protection and climate change mitigation are on everyone’s lips. CanopyStyle has united 200+ brands and retailers to eliminate the use of Ancient and Endangered Forests in viscose by December 2020 and catalyze Next Gen Solutions. More brands and designers are preparing back stage to hit the runway in 2020.


6- Majority

Sixty-five percent of the global production of viscose comes from producers that are currently undertaking CanopyStyle Audits to support and verify implementation of their CanopyStyle commitments.


7- (Cat)Walk Amongst the Giants

On Friday, October 18, Canopy and global brands and retailers will take to the trees as part of the Textile Exchange 2019 Conference to learn about Coastal Temperate Rainforests and their links to the apparel industry’s supply chains.