Being stylish doesn't have to cost the Earth.

You know how to keep yourself looking good. Our CanopyStyle initiative brings together fashion’s most progressive players and industry giants to ensure we keep the planet looking (and feeling) good too. 

Check the label on what you are wearing right now. Did you know that if it says viscose, rayon, modal, lyocell, or acetate, the fabric you are wearing all too often comes at the expense of Ancient and Endangered Forests, impacting the species and people that call them home? Manmade cellulosics are a type of regenerated fibre made primarily from the dissolved pulp (“cellulose”) of trees, such as viscose/rayon, lyocell, and modal. Vital forest ecosystems are being used to manufacture the pulp to produce fabrics.

More than 300 million trees are logged every year and turned into cellulosic fabric such as viscose. If placed end-to-end those trees would circle the Earth seven times. Currently, forests in Indonesia, Canada’s Boreal, and Brazil are being logged for next season’s fashion and apparel.

Many industry leaders have been unaware that their stylish creations are made from the world’s most integral forests. With Canopy’s help, brand leaders are transforming supply chains, and taking Endangered Forests out of fabric. Through our CanopyStyle initiative, we work with fashion brands, retailers, designers, and viscose producers to follow the thread to the source and find alternatives for fibre, keeping Ancient and Endangered Forests standing and out of our wardrobes. 

CanopyStyle now includes 500+ brand partners, representing more than 900 billion dollars USD of annual revenue. With our brand collaborators, we are leading the fashion industry to a supply chain revolution, catalyzing Next Generation Solutions, and engaging in collective advocacy that advances forest conservation, climate action, and changes our world for the better.

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Want to join the hottest new collaborative design trend? Canopy is an environmental not-for-profit working with hundreds of companies to create systems change and do better for our planet and the climate.

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Our Partners

Canopy’s goals are ambitious — this critical decade for our planet requires nothing less. But, we won’t reach these goals without the incredible partnerships we’ve been able to develop and new ones forming everyday. Our partnerships demonstrate what is possible when we work together to take collective action with an imperative for meaningful change.