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Keep up with Canopy as we work to ensure that Ancient and Endangered Forests remain standing.

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A tribute to Alice Munro

We are sad to hear about the passing of literary icon and a good friend of forests, Alice Munro.  She was also a great friend of Canopy. In 2001, Alice

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LuxePack NY 2024: Next Generation Paper Packaging: Luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth.

At this year’s LuxePack New York, the premier luxury packaging trade show in North America, Canopy’s Executive Director, Nicole Rycroft, delivered an electrifying keynote that was met with enthusiasm from

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The Dark Side of Paper Packaging

Every year, 3.1 billion trees are felled for paper packaging, fuelling deforestation and climate change. But wait, isn’t paper supposed to be the eco-friendly alternative to plastic? Think again! Watch

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