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Keep up with Canopy as we work to ensure that Ancient and Endangered Forests remain standing.

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Canopy’s Best Moments of 2022

It’s the season to reflect on the year past, celebrate achievements, process milestones, and set ambitious plans for the year ahead. Last year was an exciting one here at Canopy

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The Latest CanopyStyle Audits are Here

New Producers Complete First-Ever CanopyStyle Audits in 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2022 — Today, environmental not-for-profit Canopy, with independent third-party auditors Preferred by Nature and SCS Global Services,

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Using hemp and flax to make paper packaging

Every year over 3.2 billion trees are cut down for paper packaging and for fashion fabrics like viscose.  Many of these trees come from the world’s most vital, carbon- and

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Telling a story about the fashion or packaging sectors’ environmental footprint? Sleuthing to find the most innovative solutions to the climate or biodiversity crisis? Penning a piece on supply chain transformation and the financing needed to make the change? You’re in luck, you will find images, illustrations, videos, and other media assets and resources in our Media Assets.

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