LuxePack NY 2024: Next Generation Paper Packaging: Luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth.

At this year’s LuxePack New York, the premier luxury packaging trade show in North America, Canopy’s Executive Director, Nicole Rycroft, delivered an electrifying keynote that was met with enthusiasm from industry leaders. The session, aptly titled “Next Gen Paper Packaging: Luxury that Doesn’t Cost the Earth,” showcased innovative, sustainable packaging solutions poised to revolutionize the luxury sector.

Igniting Change with Bold Ideas

The panel brought together visionary Canopy partners beauty giant Sephora, lingerie company Hanky Panky, and Next Gen innovator Genera, to discuss both the triumphs and hurdles in shifting towards more sustainable practices, emphasizing the critical need for collaborative industry efforts. Together, they called on major brands to lead the charge in adopting eco-friendly paper packaging solutions, setting new trends, and creating a ripple effect across the market.

Carley Klekas, Global Director of Product Sustainability at Sephora, raised a pivotal question for brands — how can we use our breadth and influence to inform the industry? — as she highlighted the critical roles of transparency and education in creating systemic change.

Transforming Supply Chains with Pack4Good

Pack4Good, an initiative from Canopy to keep vital forests out of paper packaging, is a testament to the organization’s relentless pursuit of transforming take-make-waste supply chains into something more forest-friendly, circular, and ultimately sustainable. Already 455 companies strong, Pack4Good focuses on the food, fashion, and beauty industries to dramatically minimize the environmental footprint of paper packaging,  and champion the conservation of our planet’s precious forests.

How to Pack4Good

Paper packaging is a key driver of forest loss globally, as 3.1 billion trees are cut down annually to produce the boxes and bags that products are packaged and shipped in. Paper packaging production has increased 65% over the past two decades, with the main drivers being the rise in e-commerce and necessary shifts away from plastic.  

Pack4Good aims to keep the packaging world from replacing one serious environmental issue, plastic pollution, with another, destruction of the world’s forests. Through working with brands and innovators, Pack4Good shifts the paper packaging supply away from forest ecosystems and helps brands to maximize reusable, recycled, or Next Gen inputs for packaging that are low-carbon and low-impact, and take sourcing pressure off forests. Canopy, and our partners, believe that even our most luxe packaging should not come at the expense of the Earth’s forests, species, or climate.