Highlights: Second Harvest Pulp and Paper Project

Since 2004 Canopy has been working throughout the forest products supply chain to encourage the production of straw-based pulp and paper as an alternative to the heavy footprint associated with virgin paper from the world’s endangered forests.

Canopy’s work in this field includes:

  • More than 350 leading companies adopting policies stating they will source paper made with agricultural residues when it is produced in North America at a competitive price.
  • Trialing straw paper commercial print runs with three world famous authors and a major North American magazine to prove the commercial printability of the paper and test how it performed in the paper mill.
  • Working with rural communities to find good locations for straw-based pulp and paper.
  • Supporting straw pulp ventures to find good markets with our partner companies
  • Working with global clothing brands to research and explore options for Next Generation pulps made from recycled clothing or agricultural fibre as a replacement for ecologically damaging dissolving wood pulp for rayon and viscose production
  • Working with mainstream pulp and paper producers to help them diversify their fibre basket to include straw

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