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Tangshan Sanyou completes its second CanopyStyle Audit assessing viscose raw material sourcing

唐山三友完成了第二次CanopyStyle粘胶原材料采购审核 Tangshan (China), New York, and Vancouver – September 28, 2020: Today, environmental not-for-profit organization Canopy and third-party auditor NEPCon released the independent verification audit results of Tangshan Sanyou’s pulp sourcing. This is the second CanopyStyle Audit completed by the company. 唐山(中国),纽约和温哥华 – 2020年9月28日:今日,非营利环保机构Canopy和第三方审核机构NEPCon共同公布唐山三友浆粕采购的独立审核结果。唐山三友作为粘胶生产商完成了第二次CanopyStyle审核。   The audit report confirms that Tangshan Sanyou has diligently removed identified … Continued

SolutionsAreSexy – Pictures and Credits

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS:  PACKAGING POSTS: Bag: Model – @vic.thomsen 50% post-consumer recycled,  50% wheat straw pulp from Columbia Pulp.  Ancient Forest Friendly. Tissue paper: Model – @natashaemmamarie Tissue made with 100% wheat straw residue left after the grain harvest in NE China  by North American Green Pulp. H&M Dress:  50% Circulose® 100% post consumer recycled clothing  … Continued

For London Fashion Week, #SolutionsAreSexy

Eco-Solutions Get Sexy at London Fashion Week A series of playfully risque ads called ‘Solutions Are Sexy’ by eco-fashion advocates Canopy, are airing during London Fashion week. They highlight a range of solutions available to brands and consumers to “take the trees out of the shopping spree”. The unconventional ads show that fabrics can be made from discarded textiles, … Continued

Meet the heroes in our 2019 Annual Report

We are thrilled to be sharing our 20th Anniversary Annual Report with you. Over the years, many people have proven themselves Canopy heroes by inspiring and supporting our work. Read on to find out about how some of these people have worked with us to help save forests.     WHO: Helena Helmersson, CEO of … Continued

Jilin Chemical Fiber completes its first CanopyStyle Audit

Jilin, New York and Vancouver – June 25, 2020: Today, environmental not-for-profit organization Canopy, third-party auditor NEPCon, and Jilin Chemical Fiber Corporation released the results of Jilin’s first CanopyStyle Audit. The company produces man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF), with headquarters in Jilin province, China. 吉林,纽约和温哥华 – June 25, 2020:今天,非营利性环保组织Canopy、第三方审核机构NEPCon和吉林化纤正式发布吉林化纤首次CanopyStyle审核报告。吉林化纤主要生产人造纤维素纤维(MMCF),总部位于中国吉林省。 The audit report indicates that Jilin Chemical Fiber … Continued

On World Rainforest Day, 45 fashion brands commit to keeping forests standing

June 22, 2020 – On World Rainforest Day 45 brands, including Walmart-owned ASDA/George, Ralph Lauren, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, BESTSELLER, Ivy & Oak, Masai, Fiber X Finland, The Workroom LA, Nanushka, and Ted Baker have launched CanopyStyle policies to transform the viscose supply chain and protect the world’s forests. These forward-thinking companies collectively represent over $100 billion … Continued

About the CanopyStyle Brands June 22

  Asda Stores Ltd. Founded in the 1960s in Yorkshire, Asda is one of Britain’s leading retailers and helps customers save money and live better in stores, online and through their mobile devices. Each week more than 18 million customers visit its 645 stores – including 30 Supercentres, 392 Superstores, 155 Supermarkets, 33 Asda Living … Continued

Pack4Good Campaign Adds 11 New Companies

Global Companies Join Initiative to Tackle Growing Packaging Problem   June 10, 2020: Global — The surge in on-line shopping arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the massive amount of packaging it entails, has brought to light the already substantial impact of paper-based packaging on the world’s forests, wildlife and climate. To address this issue … Continued

IDEALISHLIFE.COM: How to Keep Old-Growth Trees Out of Your Clothes

There’s something remarkably soft about walking through an old-growth temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Moss covers forest floors and giant fallen tree trunks like a plush blanket. Nutrient-rich soil, filled deep with decaying organic matter, feels like padding under each step. Even the wet bark of a red cedar feels like it could crumble … Continued

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