Tangshan Sanyou + Canopy Announcement/ 领先纺织品生产商唐山三友承诺提高循环再生纤维产能

中国上海,2023年8月28日 – 今天,领先的再生纤维素纤维生产商唐山三友、纺织品闭环回收企业Renewcell、备受赞誉的非营利性环保组织Canopy齐聚上海纱线展,宣布他们共同的承诺,致力于发展中国循环、低环境影响、用回收纺织品制造的再生纤维素纤维的生产。

Forest-Side Chat with Canopy and Ben & Jerry’s

“What gives us the right to cut down trees, especially Ancient and Endangered ones” – Justin Schmitt, the Global Packaging Manager at Ben & Jerry’s Justin Schmitt, the Global Packaging

Agricultural Fibres for Paper and Packaging

Next Gen Solutions as Sustainable Packaging Option “It’s hard to get all people to change their behaviors, instead we focus our efforts on the few thousand people that make decisions

Tough Questions

As Canopy continues to dedicate ourselves to the global movement to protect the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests, we want to keep you up to date on our latest work