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Our Vision


Canopy envisions a world where our natural ecosystems are healthy and vibrant, supporting a flourishing diversity of life on Earth. In the near future, resilient forests and oceans and a stable climate enable us to live healthy and fruitful lives. Our societies are just and diverse, our economies operate within the bounds of our planet’s natural capital, and leaders of industry and government appreciate the inherent value of nature, and account for biological diversity as naturally as any other factor of economic and social health.

Canopy works to make this a reality everyday with its cutting-edge campaigns that focus on conserving the world’s Endangered forests and advancing Indigenous rights by harnessing the power of brand partners to transform unsustainable supply chains. We aim to protect 30 – 50% of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests – and in doing so help protect human health and stabilize our climate, biodiversity and freshwater systems – by 2030.


Values that guide us:


The values that underpin our engagement with the world and with each other are clear, compelling and compassionate, but uncompromising. The sense of urgency we feel, prompted by the recognition that Nature Needs Half, inspires us to set our sights ever higher, to rise to meet the challenges of our time – the dual crises of biodiversity loss and runaway climate change.

Restless Leadership – We are driven to secure changes that are proportional to the ecological crises we collectively face. We understand that this will require us to stretch, to take risks and to redefine what is possible. We are focused in our mission yet scan the horizon constantly in search of more effective ways to achieve our goals. When confronted with obstacles, we stay optimistic, curious and solutions-focused in our efforts to protect and celebrate our planet’s natural systems.

Tenacious Ambition – We match the urgency of the biodiversity/climate crises with the scale of our ambition, the strength of our determination, and our love for the planet. We seek transformative change throughout industry and society. Our solutions are big, bold, and innovative, and we seek powerful partners who are equally motivated to use their influence to make these solutions the new norm.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to a high bar of moral integrity and quality of work. We care deeply and challenge directly for environmental change. We are known for producing creative and compelling work that is grounded in science and rigorous research. We are radically candid and fair, trustworthy and respectful in our interactions with each other and external partners. We focus on generating value in all our relationships, because we consider it a privilege to be able to work for the health of our forests and planet.

Justice – As is true of the biodiversity we aim to protect, we know that a diverse community is rich and resilient, able to weather adversity and thrive because of its complexities. We recognize that the struggles for human rights and environmental change are entwined and that colonization and industrialization have disproportionately impacted some countries, and especially the world’s Indigenous peoples and front-line communities. Although we are spurred forward by a resolve to safeguard our natural world, we recognize these struggles are interconnected and we are committed to supporting other movements to build a sustainable and just world for all.

Creative Collaboration – Given that saving the planet is not for the faint of heart, we resolve to bring joy and a spirit of playfulness to the struggle. Today’s realities call upon us to muster our wildest dreams, our powers of imagination and creative solutions to resolve them. We recognize that our work is built on relationships with a focus on securing behavioural change and a shift in the way our societal values interact with our natural world. We bring noteworthy flair, spark, creativity, and a spirit of play to inspire and energize our work and those we work with.


Photo by Paul Hilton

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