Canopy's Vision, Values, and Culture

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At Canopy, we take our work to save vital forest ecosystems seriously, knowing how critical it is that we meet this turnaround decade with all that we have to save our planet, wildlife, people, and climate. 

Our vision is to protect 30 – 50% of the world’s forests and all of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests – and in doing so help protect human health and stabilize our climate, biodiversity and freshwater systems – by 2030.

To meet this ambitious goal, we bring a hunger to our work and a dedication to forge solutions at the scale of the problems we face, knowing that with creativity and collaboration even the most challenging of problems can be resolved. 

We also share a great love for our natural world and know how essential it is to work for change with more than a sprinkle of joy. So, we infuse our urgent work with grit, humour, and meeting even dire problems with solutions and heart – the Canopy way.

Canopy’s Core Values

  • Restless leadership — We are driven to secure changes that are proportional to the ecological crises we collectively face. When confronted with obstacles, we stay optimistic, curious, and solutions-focused in our efforts to protect and celebrate our planet’s natural systems.
  • Tenacious ambition — We match the urgency of the biodiversity/climate crises with the scale of our ambition, the strength of our determination, and our love for the planet. 
  • Integrity — We hold ourselves to a high bar of moral integrity and quality of work. We are radically candid and fair, trustworthy and respectful in our interactions with each other and external partners.
  • Justice — Although we are spurred forward by a resolve to safeguard our natural world, we recognize the struggles for human rights and environmental change are interconnected. We are committed to supporting other movements to build a sustainable and just world for all.
  • Creative collaboration — Today’s realities call upon us to muster our wildest dreams, our powers of imagination and creative solutions to resolve them. We recognize that our work is built on relationships with a focus on securing behavioural change and a shift in the way our societal values interact with our natural world.
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Partner with Canopy

Want to join our merry band of forest protectors? Canopy is an award-winning environmental not-for-profit working with hundreds of companies to create systems change and do better for our planet. Learn about existing solutions and how to partner with us to ensure the world’s threatened forests remain standing.