Awards - Canopy

Awards received by Canopy

MarCom Awards:

Davey Awards:

CanopyStyle: BF+DA Positive Impact Award, Leadership in Creating a Better Supply Chain, 2016

Blueline Report: Canadian Printing Awards, Gold for “Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Service”, 2015

Benny Award, Business Ethics Network, 2007

Awards received by Nicole Rycroft

Climate Breakthrough Award, 2021

UBS Global Visionaries Program, 2018

Impact Award from the Fabric of Change – Scaling Impact Fund, 2017

Nicole Rycroft, M.S.C. Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division) 2017

Alan Thomas Fellowship to Promote Civil Society and Voluntary Action, 2012

Wilburforce Foundation Conservation Leadership Award

Environmental Innovator Award, 2008 and 2009

Gold Medal Canadian Environment Award, 2006

Ashoka Fellowship, since 2003