Why are we making pizza boxes out of endangered trees?

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About Canopy

Canopy protects the world’s forests, species, and climate by working hand in hand with companies from around the globe to transform unsustainable supply chains, catalyze innovative Next Generation Solutions, help advance frontline community rights, and conserve vital forest ecosystems all over the world.

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How We Protect Forests


We don’t need 1,000 year old trees to make packaging. That’s why we partner with companies to think outside the box. Through our Pack4Good initiative, we are transforming the paper packaging supply chain, protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests, reducing pressure on natural resources, and spurring much needed solutions to the packaging crisis.


Being stylish doesn’t have to cost the Earth – and to prove it, we are ensuring fabrics like viscose aren’t sourced from orangutan habitat or vibrant forest ecosystems. One of the fastest moving environmental initiatives in the fashion sector, CanopyStyle partners with leaders in the industry to protect forests, drive supply chain transformation, and spur the production of low-impact Next Generation fabrics. Now, that’s fashion forward thinking!

Next Generation Solutions

We actively foster innovation in the paper and fashion supply chains, supporting both innovators and companies to bring Next Generation Solutions and a circular economy to the market at scale. Our collaborative partnerships with brands and producers enable us to advance these game-changing alternatives – and in doing so, transform the marketplace to better support the economy, humanity, and the natural world. Learn more.

Landscapes of Hope

Forests. They are foundational to Life on Earth. They are home, they are livelihoods, they are ecosystems. Protecting them means stabilizing our climate, safeguarding biodiversity, and protecting life on earth.

We have a historic opportunity to protect the wondrous expanses of intact forests that remain. With 85% of the world’s original forests already cleared or severely degraded, protecting what remains is imperative. This is Canopy’s priority. Our lives, and those of countless other species, quite literally depend upon it.

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Protecting Boreal Forest in North America

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Protecting the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia

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Protecting the Coastal Temperate Rainforest

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Protecting the Broadback Forest

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Protecting the Great Bear Rainforest

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Protecting Rainforests in Indonesia

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Partner with Canopy

We develop collaborative partnerships with forward-looking companies to reduce sourcing risks, build sustainable supply chains, conserve Ancient and Endangered Forests, and protect our natural world.

Be part of the solution

The solutions we propose are big, bold, and innovative, and we seek partners who are equally motivated to use their influence to bring about the holistic and lasting change our world needs.

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Our Partners

CanopyStyle is moving the dial faster than any other environmental issue that H&M or our industry is currently working on.

Cecilia Strömblad Brännsten, Environmental Sustainability Manager, H&M Group

Our Action Plan

Paper and Clothing for the 21st Century

We have a ten-year action plan to build sustainable supply chains, bring solutions to life, and save forests — and the planet. Find out more.

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Keep Ancient and Endangered Forests Standing

By supporting Canopy’s work, you help to protect the world’s most integral forests and change the systems that drive their degradation and loss.

Together, we can protect the natural world, the climate, and humanity.