Tree Talks: The secret wisdom of trees with Dr. Suzanne Simard

In Canopy’s inaugural Tree Talk, ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard shared her insights and groundbreaking research on the deep, healing, and magical world of forests. Dr. Simard is best known for her work on how trees interact and communicate with each other using vast underground fungal networks. Watch Dr. Simard discuss her work and the interconnected forest community that makes regeneration, resilience, and healing of our natural world possible.

At Canopy, our work is dedicated to protecting the vibrant forest ecosystems that are key to life on Earth. We partner with companies across the globe to keep the world’s remaining Ancient and Endangered Forests from becoming fabric or packaging.

If Tree Talks inspires you to take the next step:

Look for more events like this — where we will highlight the critical work being done to save forests and nurture a community connected by a shared love for the planet we call home.