What You Can Do – Canopy

If you are a government decision maker – Work to establish legislation that advances large-scale conservation of key forest landscapes.

If you are a scientist – Sign on to endorse [link tc] ForestMapper as a resource in identifying high-value forest ecosystems.

If you are a forest product customer – Use our tools to unravel your supply chain, give preference to sustainable products originating from low-risk regions or circular-economy sources, and avoid sourcing from ancient and endangered forests unless large-scale conservation is in place.

If you are a consumer – Ask your favorite brands what they are doing to keep their supply chain free of endangered forests.

If you are a supplier/manufacturer — Urge governments to undertake robust conservation planning, actively engage in such planning along-side other relevant stakeholders such as civil society, scientists and communities, and commit to securing scientifically supported levels of protection for endangered forest ecosystems.

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