Welcome to ForestMapper! This interactive tool is the only one of its kind to visually represent ancient and endangered forests at a global scale. ForestMapper includes information on numerous ecological values divided into four categories: forests, species, carbon and landscapes.

ForestMapper is the first iteration of a mapping tool that incorporates geospatial data from scientific experts to assist companies transitioning to more sustainable fibre supply chains and to help identify areas of potential sourcing risk.

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This current iteration of ForestMapper is comprised of 36 data layers and features data at global scales with regional information on Canopy’s Landscapes of Hope: Canada’s temperate rainforests, Canada’s Boreal forest and Indonesia’s tropical rainforests. There are many other regions Canopy and its partners are working in such as the Russian Boreal Forests; Coastal Temperate Rainforests of Alaska and Chile; tropical forests and peatlands of the Amazon and West Africa. More detailed information for these critical regions will be featured in future iterations of ForestMapper.

ForestMapper does not document areas of controversy or harm stemming from violations of Indigenous and traditional rights, human rights, or the other human costs of forest loss or fragmentation (including loss of livelihoods, food security, forced cultural assimilation, etc.) Read more.

ForestMapper is not intended to be a last point of information. Further analysis is required to assess the presence of ancient and endangered forests and ecological values, including on-the-ground verification. Plantations or peri-urban areas may show up as ancient and endangered forest. This means that at least one of the many ecological values that are part of the ancient and endangered forest definition is found in the region. Data resolution also contributes to the appearance of this layer.

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Together we can work toward preserving the world’s most critical forests and ensuring stability for the world’s people, species and climate.

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