The Latest CanopyStyle Audit: Chinese viscose filament yarn producer Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu)

Chinese viscose filament yarn producer Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) completes its first CanopyStyle Audit

December 3, 2019. Xinxiang (China), New York and Vancouver: Today, environmental not-for-profit organizations Canopy, third-party non-profit certification body NEPCon, and Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) released the results of Bailu’s 2019 CanopyStyle Audit. The company is one of China’s leading producers of filament yarn, and the fifth company with headquarters in China to complete the CanopyStyle Audit.

We are pleased to announce that the audit report verifies that Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) has taken immediate action to remove known high risks in their supply chain, and to engage suppliers that have potential risk. The audit was unable to fully determine an overall result of low risk of sourcing wood from Ancient and Endangered Forests due to lack of information from some if its dissolving pulp suppliers.

The audit also reveals that the company has made efforts to increase its use of FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) certified fibre, and have made significant investment in research and development of alternative fibres, which will reduce pressure on the world’s forests. Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) sources from a wide variety of regions including Europe and North America, and is working to engage its suppliers in these regions to lower their footprint and help protect Ancient and Endangered Forests.

“Canopy congratulates Bailu on its determination to address risk in its supply chain, and its work on research and development of Next Generation fibre solutions,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Executive Director. “The growing momentum in China to eliminate the use of Ancient and Endangered Forests is changing the game in the global viscose supply chain.”

“NEPCon is pleased to be the independent auditing body for the CanopyStyle initiative and in particular making it possible to meet the growing demand for CanopyStyle audits throughout Asia,” stated Jon Jickling, Director, NEPCon Solutions. “Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) were committed to this third-party assessment of their raw material sourcing.”

“We are proud of our first audit results, and committed to continuing to improve our practices by working collaboratively through the CanopyStyle initiative,” said Mr. Jizhang Chen, Director of Import and Export Department at Xinxiang Chemical Fiber. “The audit provides a good opportunity to identify both areas of excellence and areas where improvement is needed over time. We are pleased to have completed this key milestone, as expected by the 200 fashion brands engaged in CanopyStyle.”

Key findings of the audit include:

  • Evidence confirming that Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) is investing resources to implement the commitments of its policy, consistent with the solutions and targets of the CanopyStyle initiative.
  • Some of the suppliers listed are sourcing from geographic areas that are in proximity to Ancient and Endangered Forests, and more information on their sourcing is needed to confirm low risk.
  • Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) has invested considerable resources in the development of alternative fibres, aimed to reduce the pressure of the global viscose industry on the world’s forests.

Moving forward, the report suggests the company could improve their annual audit results by:

  • Updating the company’s risk assessment to include information on plantation dates for all suppliers that use plantation fibre, as well as procedures for ensuring human rights are respected.
  • Continuing to engage suppliers where risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests remains unclear due to lack of sourcing information.
  • Continuing to increase the amount of fibre sourced that is certified to FSC and carrying FSC claims.
  • Participation in ongoing regular audits, and/or random site visits will be essential to ensure that Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) continues to implement their policy, and meet the expectations of the CanopyStyle initiative.

The audit uses a risk-based approach and requires verifiable evidence that wood and pulp used by Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) to produce viscose fibre fulfills a robust verification framework and audit process developed by Canopy in partnership with NEPCon.

The public reports from Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu)’s audit evaluations of operations are available for download here:

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Xinxiang Bailu Invest Group Co., Ltd

Xinxiang Bailu Invest Group Co. Ltd was established in 1960 and began production in 1964. Currently the number of employees amounts to 9,522. Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is a major subsidiary of the group, and has two mills for man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF). It boasts four research platforms, such as Henan province chemical Invest Group engineering research center and more than 80 national patents. The company holds a number of third-party certificates, including the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, FSC Chain of Custody, ISO14001:2015 Environment Management System, OHSA18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety management system and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® testing and certification system, GRS4.0 Global Recycled Standard certification. Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (Bailu) has viscose facilities, both located in Xinxiang city, Henan province, and produced 80,000 tons of viscose filament yarn per year.