THE GUARDIAN: Our Global Community: Protecting the Great Bear Rainforest

Originally published in The Guardian by Christopher Hodgson on June 15, 2016.

The Guardian and The Observer print on paper purchased predominately from UK recycled mills. However, to ensure a good mix of sources we also use certified virgin paper from Europe and Canada. We take our commitment to sustainable paper sourcing very seriously, working with NGOs to get our approach right.

We are really excited about the finalisation of the landmark Great Bear Rainforest Agreements in British Columbia, Canada earlier this year! These agreements cover 6.4 million hectares, the world’s largest remaining tract of temperate rainforest, extending from the Alaskan border down most of the British Columbian coast. This means local communities have a vibrant future and 85 percent of the rainforest in the Great Bear Rainforest is now protected or off-limits to logging.

These Agreements, resulting from massive markets campaigns and blockades, followed by 16 years of negotiations, are significant to the Guardian Media Group.

As noted in our Paper Policy – we track and encourage conservation solutions like this. In 2014, the Guardian Media Group wrote an encouraging letter to the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, to demonstrate our support for a collaborative solution in this region.


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