SUSTON: Hello? It’s 2018!

This article was published in Suston Magazine

Vancouver-based NGO Canopy fumes on Twitter as loggers continue to cut down massive old growth trees for clothing, packaging, and fliers – this time right in Canopy’s own backyard. Is this tree going to become your next t-shirt?

With only around 21% of the world’s virgin forests still standing, the NGO Canopy has made it their mission to advance the conservation of the remaining ancient and endangered forests and work together with companies to develop sustainable solutions. So, it’s not strange that Canopy’s Founder and Executive Director Nicole Rycroft expressed her frustration via Tweet as the chainsaws again returned to Vancouver Island’s last remaining 1% of old growth forest – but could these towering giants really be logged for such mundane products as clothing, packaging and fliers? Suston reached out to Nicole Rycroft for comment to make sure we hadn’t misread:

“It is ridiculous that in 2018 we are still using old growth trees such as these towering giants on Vancouver Island to make products like food wrappers, newsprint, fliers, packaging.”

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